A fruit blend sold at Costco locations throughout the United States has been recalled because of an outbreak of Hepatitis A. The recall started nearly a week ago, and is now occurring in Montana as well.

"Fortunately for us we do not have any confirmed cases of Hepatitis A in Montana at this time," said Montana State Health Department Spokesman Jim Murphy. "What we do know is that the product that was potentially contaminated was sold at Costco stores in Montana, so we are part of a national recall."

The product being recalled is called Townsend Farms Organic Antioxidant Blend. It is sold in the frozen foods section in a three pound bag. Those that still have the berries should throw them away immediately. Anyone who has eaten the Townsend berries since February should watch carefully for the symptoms of Hepatitis A.

"Hepatitis A is a viral infection that inflames the liver," Murphy said. "When the liver becomes impaired folks may feel nauseous. One of the biggest signs or symptoms is a yellowing of the skin or the eyes. Also people may notice a discoloration of their stool to what is described as a pale color... chalky like."

There have been over 61 confirmed cases of the Hepatitis A outbreak so far, including reports from nearby Utah and Colorado.

Jim Murphy


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