Sometime either late Friday night or early Saturday morning the Corvallis Methodist Church on the Eastside Highway was broken into and burglarized.

Ravalli County Sheriff Steve Holton said the damage to the church was extensive.

"They actually forced entrance into the building," Holton said. "There were a few things stolen, but the majority of the damage was just plain vandalism, and they did a significant amount of damage."

Holton said the sheriff's deputies that responded to the scene were able to uncover important evidence.

"Some great work by the deputies that initially responded were able to collect some pretty good evidence, so we're just hoping that the residents that live around there might be able to help us out," he said. "Really, just anything or anyone that looked out of place on Friday night might help us track them down. They can either use the tip button on our mobile app, or just call the sheriff's office at 375-4060 during the day, or 363-3033 after hours and leave a message for Detective Scott Burlingham. We'd really like to find out who's responsible for this vandalism and prosecute it."

Holton did not have a dollar amount of the damage, but estimated it was in the thousands of dollars.

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