Michael Gordon will not face criminal charges in the shooting death of Christopher Hymel, that occurred on Labor Day, September 1st in the parking lot of the Fox Club Lounge.

Deputy County Attorney Jason Marks said the 7 person jury deliberated approximately four hours before voting 5-2 that the shooting was legally justified.

On the stand, a tearful Gordon related his story to the jury, and to a gallery packed with his family and friends, along with family and friends of the victim Christopher Hymel. Also testifying was Megan Navarro, Hymel's girlfriend, who later found out she was pregnant by her late boyfriend.

Gordon said his mistook Navarro and a girlfriend for two of his other female friends, and made comments to them from his truck in the parking lot. Hymel than approached the truck and began punching Gordon through the open window. In the attack, Detective Mitch Lang said Gordon sustained severe bruising and a concussion.

Gordon said as Hymel was punching him, he reached into the center console of his 2011 Chevrolet pickup truck and retrieved his grandfather's old .44 caliber single shot pistol. He then exited the vehicle and fired one shot, striking Hymel in the chest. Hymel died a short time later from blood loss due to damage to his aorta.

Even though he was cleared on criminal charges, Hymel could face civil charges from the Hymel family.


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