The City of Missoula has joined a large group of cities and states that are protesting Indiana's newly enacted religious freedom laws, stating that they could be used as an excuse to legally discriminate against the LGBT community, according to Missoula City Council Vice President Jason Weiner.

"Creates a heightened level of scrutiny for any action that could be perceived to limit religious expression." Said Wiener. "And the concern is that this could legalize discrimination against gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people."

Wiener said the state of Indiana should adopt a measure similar to the anti-discrimination ordinance passed in Missoula over five years ago.

" It simply shouldn't permit discrimination, the city of Missoula has an ordinance that forbids discrimination in housing, employment and accommodations against people because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, I think that should be the law everywhere." Said Wiener. " And I think that Indiana can get itself out from under the clouds that's gathered over it, if they simply adopt a provision along those lines"


Indiana Governor Mike Pence has urged lawmakers to send a bill to his desk clarifying the intent of the new religious freedom law that critics fear could permit discrimination.

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