Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - The City of Missoula is resuming a highly successful program initiated last year called ‘Chats in the Parks’, where residents can meet face-to-face with city officials in an informal setting to get information on city issues.

I spoke with Ashley Brittner Wells, Community Engagement Specialist with the Community Planning, Development, & Innovation department on Friday, to talk about the renewed program.

The City Chats in the Parks Program Begins its Second Season

“This is our second year of what we're calling ‘City Chats in the Parks’,” began Brittner Wells. “It's a new engagement initiative at the city, which provides a drop-in and informal chance for residents to come learn about city projects and initiatives, meet city staff, ask questions, share ideas about projects that are currently going on, and just have a chance to get to know city staff and then we get to know residents as well.”

Brittner Wells provided more context on the events that will occur in the coming weeks.

The Atmosphere is very Informal at the Chats in the Parks

“We're trying to meet folks where they are with this initiative in a way that helps us build a relationship so that then we're putting a face to a name,” she said. “You might have a connection or a contact at the city, and if you have a question or an issue or an idea that comes up, even if it doesn't have to do with the particular department or the person that you're chatting with, remember we all work together really closely at the city and can always pass along information.”

She provided the locations for the first three ‘Chats in the Parks’ events.

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The 'Chats in the Parks' Dates are May 15, June 4, and June 20

“The first one is Wednesday, May 15 at 44 Ranch Park, which is at 2503 Riata Road, and it's from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.,” she said. “It's drop-in and very informal. We don't have a presentation or anything, so anytime within those two hours you can come by and say hello. The next one is Tuesday, June 4 at Redfern Park in the Grant Creek neighborhood and then on Thursday, June 20, we're doing one at Garland Park so we have a few options to get to stop by and say hello in the next month or so.”

Get more details about City Chats in the Parks here.

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