Lynette Sims, who will be facilitating an assembly at Hellgate Elementary School on Tuesday, September 17, appeared on KGVO Radio’s Hunters Breakfast Program with Mark Ward.

Ward asked Sims what will be covered at the assembly specifically designed for first, second and third graders, sponsored by the Western Montana Fish and Game Association.

“Here in western Montana we have a wonderful outdoor lifestyle,” said Sims. “It’s not uncommon to find guns in homes here, so we have to be prepared and make sure our students, our children, are prepared to be around guns.”

Sims said she tailors the presentation in terms that young children will understand.

“I like to talk to the kids about accidents and that we don’t plan accidents, so knowing the safety rules is what’s going to help prevent these accidents, and it’s a great reminder for hunters at this time of year," she said.

Sims spoke specifically about the topics to be covered at the Hellgate Elementary School assembly.

“If a friend touches or handles a parent’s real gun, they need to leave immediately and tell an adult,” she said. “This goes for any unsafe situation. If you have a friend who is touching matches, you need to leave immediately and go tell an adult and we always tie it back to the fact that accidents are not planned, and we’re trying to prevent an accident, so if your friend touches or handles a real gun, you leave immediately and tell an adult.

Sims also addressed the issue of BB guns.

“There actually have been a couple of fatalities from BB guns,” she said. “Nonetheless, a BB gun can do some serious damage, and so we discuss when I’m with the students that a BB gun is a real gun, which means you should not be touching or handling a BB gun without a parent’s permission and supervision.”

Sims will conduct the assembly on Tuesday for first through third graders on Tuesday, September 17 at Hellgate Elementary School.

Parents may opt their child out of the assembly if they wish to do so.

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