Max Gibson and his fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon at the University of Montana are hosting a charity event called "Run to Bozeman," which raises money for a local charity, the Child Development Center.With the Brawl of the Wild only a short week and a half away, festivities for the big game are already under way. The "Run to Bozeman" is no exception.

"We are running to Bozeman as a bi-annual event for the rivalry Cat/Griz game," Gibson said. "We are running from Washington-Grizzly Stadium (map) to the Bobcat Stadium (map)."

According to Gibson, this three-day event will lead up to Cat/Griz on Saturday, November 23. Starting on Wednesday, November 20, each runner will be taking shifts in separate groups. Each runner will be running for one hour, and hopefully run around eight miles per shift.

The "Run to Bozeman" raised $2,000 last year, and Sigma Phi Epsilon is hoping to increase that number this year.

"What we recommend is if anyone wants to help donate, or if they want to take part in it, we are accepting any payment in the form of cash or checks, made out to the Child Development Center," Gibson said.

For more details on the "Run to Bozeman," or to participate or help donate, contact Paul Nocchi at 425-802-5050, or by e-mail at

Join us for the Griz Rally in the Valley - Brawl of the Wild edition for the Griz/Cat game.  The tailgating fun begins at 11 a.m. November 23, and the big game starts at 12:05 p.m. at Caras Park.