While temperatures in Missoula were getting close to 90 degrees on Monday, July 23, a concerned citizen heard a two-year-old boy crying from inside a parked car at a grocery store parking lot and called 911 for help. Missoula police spokesman Travis Welsh says officers arrived on scene in the 800 block of West Broadway shortly after 7:00 p.m.

"The officers were immediately concerned  because when the child was located, they found him inside a locked and secured vehicle, the windows were rolled up and the engine wasn't running so there wasn't any fresh air exchange going on," Welsh said. "The car was parked in direct sunlight and a decision was made, due to a threat to the child's safety and health, that a window should be broken out."

After a firefighter busted out the window, police began looking for the child’s guardian and found a felony suspect, who was not only cited for criminal child endangerment, but felony drug possession and theft as well.

"A man came out with a grocery cart. He was identified as William Adams, age 31, and he identified himself as the child's father. After an investigation at the scene, Mr. Adams was taken into custody. While he was being placed under arrest, he was found to be in possession of hash oil, as well as items from inside the store that were not included on his receipt

While Adams was taken to an air-conditioned jail cell, child protective services took the toddler to the hospital. Welsh says the child is now in good health and is currently in the care of his mother.

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