On Monday, December 15, a story began circulating through the internet regarding a burglary attempt on the home of Butte Native and former Navy Seal Robert O'Neill, now known as the man who shot Osama bin Laden.

The story began its life on Empire News, a satirical website that doesn't go out of its way to inform readers that it is a humor site.

In the article by Raoul Stockton titled "Bin Laden Shooter Rob O’Neill Mistakenly Attacked By Street Thugs Seeking To Collect Debt From Neighbor," a tale is told involving a mistaken group of "Crips" gang members in Butte, that try to collect on a $50 marijuana debt but end up accidentally invading O'Neill's home where they are quickly stopped by O'Neill.

The story even features a fake quote from O'Neill saying, “It was nothing really. Those kids didn’t have their mission planned out properly and hit the wrong target. I hated to break their wrists and dislocate each of their knees like I did, but it was necessary in order to immobilize the invasion. I hope they get the money that is owed to them once they get out of jail and decide to live better lives."

A call to the Butte-Silverbow police department confirmed that the story was indeed just made up. Under-sheriff George Skuletich joked, "we just have Bloods here, no Crips" and noted that there is no Police Commissioner Bartholomew S. Harrington as mentioned in the story. "It's Bull $#!+," Skuletich said.

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