We've got a truly epic line-up this week, here's a peek at the guests we'll have in store.

First up, on Monday, we'll have a very special opportunity to speak with Robert O'Neill, the Navy Seal who shot Osama bin Laden. You've heard the story on national news, but now is your chance to ask him questions in person. He's a Montana boy from Butte that wanted to speak with his home state right off the bat.

Later on Monday, we will speak with Montana Securities and Insurance spokesperson Jennifer McKee about the change in insurance prices in 2014.

On Tuesday, we will speak with Missoula City Councilwoman Emily Bentley and  Dr. Eric Kress about the issue of Assisted suicide in Montana.

Wednesday is World Affairs Council on the radio day, however, I'm not sure yet who the guest will be.

We are still waiting for a reply on Thursday's featured guest. We will also be speaking with Dan Coleman from the Civil Air Patrol.

On Friday we will close out the week with some open phones.

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