Butte's landmark M&M Cigar Store is back on the sales block.

The Montana Standard reports the bar and restaurant is listed by a Billings-based brokerage firm for $495,000.

The bar originally opened in 1890 and is known for being open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It recently scaled back its hours to Thursdays through Sundays.

Four groups are seeking more than $78,000 from the business, with one company threatening to seize the bar's signature neon sign.

Former owner Bud Walker resurrected the bar in 2003. He sold it in 2008 for $360,000, and Dan Klemann operated it until a foreclosure in 2011.

The business failed to sell in a sheriff's auction and was transferred to a Bozeman developer.

Current owner Sam Jankovich acquired it later that year.