Fishing and Politics, two subjects that rarely share a spotlight. However, the two were both on display this weekend at the Montana Governor's Cup Walleye Tournament at Fort Peck Reservoir. 

In fact, during the Montana Outdoor Radio Show, aired live on radio stations across the state, 'The Captain' and 'Downrigger Dale' were both called upon to question incumbent Democratic Governor Steve Bullock and his Republican challenger, Bozeman entrepreneur Greg Gianforte. On the subject of public lands, Bullock said he has consistently opposed the transfer of public lands to the states.

Gianforte - Bullock

"Montana has the best stream access laws in the country," Bullock said. "Montana has incredible public lands all across our state, where you don't have to be a wealthy guy to get out and enjoy these public lands for hunting. We're seeing groups say 'let's transfer all these public lands back', and a tax on those lands would ultimately end up having them sold off, and we've seen my opponent actually sue the State of Montana trying to end stream access on the Gallatin River."

Gianforte countered that argument with his own take on federal versus state ownership of public lands.

"I always think local control is better," Gianforte began. "The more decisions we get coming out of Washington, the less control we have on our lives. This is one of the primary fishing accesses in the state, and we ought to be able to find some sate resources for it. This current administration has not stood up to federal overreach. There's been 21,000 miles of forest roads closed down. We need a governor who's going to stand up to federal overreach. It certainly restricts access, but it also impacts our livelihoods. Because we haven't had an administration that's willing to stand up to the federal government, we're in danger of losing Colstrip."

Bullock and Gianforte have already squared off in one debate at the Montana Broadcasters Association convention at Big Sky, and more debates are in the planning stages. but none have yet been announced.