Even though hunting season feels like it just wrapped up, bow hunter education classes will be starting in a few weeks.

"Right after the first of the year, we kick into gear again with bow hunter education classes," said Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks spokeswoman Vivica Crowser. "We just set our schedule. We have six classes scheduled between January and May in the Missoula area. The first one starts right away—the 18th of January—there's a Saturday course that will be followed by a half-day field course that first weekend in February."

Online classes are also being offered for anyone 18 years and older. Crowser adds that there is a $20 fee for the online course.

"The other thing that you'll find online is an option to take part of the bow ed class online," Crowser said. "It's become a really popular way to get a lot of the coursework done. We have half of our students in the Missoula area go through the coursework online. You still have to complete a three-hour field course, so as you look at that online course material, make sure you also check out how to register for one of those field courses."

Field courses for online students will be offered in Missoula on February 2, March 23, May 15 and June 12.

The state of Montana requires all first-time bow hunters to complete a bow hunter education course in order to purchase an archery license in Montana. Bow hunters born after January 1, 1985 must also show proof of completing a hunter education program.

For more information about registration, or online classes, visit the Montana FWP website.