As you may have already heard, a few retailers are getting an early start on Black Friday this year by beginning their sales on Thanksgiving Day. But, it seems that most retailers are sticking with the traditional Friday sales, even if they do begin at 12 a.m. If you want to know when your favorite retailer will be opening on Black Friday and what that retailer will have on sale, you can check out

Here is the scoop on a few local businesses – Bob Ward’s Sporting Goods has opened an outlet store in the building right next to it in order to get rid of overstock and offer consumers a great deal on sporting goods. No word yet on what they will have on sale this Black Friday.

Morgan Jewelers is offering free iPod shuffles, iPads and free Kindle Fires when minimum purchase requirements are met. Even local tire stores, like Les Schwab, are offering special coupons, deals and promotions on Black Friday, along with Walmart and Sears.

Southgate Mall is getting in on the Black Friday action too. There is a link on their Facebook page that lists the stores, when the sales are for the stores and some of the great deals the stores are offering. Some stores even have sales that are going on before Black Friday.

If you want to be a serious Black Friday shopper then you should consider checking out these websites;, and These sites are devoted solely to Black Friday and on some you can sign up to receive an alert when the Black Friday ads come out. If you only want to shop certain retailers, some allow you to sign up so you can be alerted as soon as those Black Friday ad comes out.

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Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of The University of Montana, animal lover and writer.