Today, August 26th, was the first day of school for most Missoula kids and according to Missoula County School District One Communication Director Hatton Littman, the day was pretty normal. Except for all the lion and bear reports.

"We have had reports starting on Monday of this week and continuing into today of bears and mountain lion activity in neighborhoods around some of our schools, but we haven't had any of those animals reported close to our school sites," said Littman. "We do encourage parents to make sure that they make good travel plans for their children whether that means accompanying them to the bus stop or accompanying them on their route all the way to school."

Many parents were also concerned about the smoke and how the school system would make the difficult decision about whether or not the children could play outside.

"As soon as air quality levels reach the 'Unhealthy' level as reported on the Today's Air website we do advise schools to change their recess and their outdoor athletic activities and bring them inside," Littman said.

Littman said the first day of school went very smoothly despite the lions, bears, and skies filled with apocalyptic smoke.

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