The Missoula County Sheriff's Office is investigating an attempted kidnapping that allegedly occurred in Lolo on Saturday, September 20.

Public Information Officer Paige Pavalone said a 10 year-old girl reported the incident that happened in her trailer court in Lolo.

"A 10 year-old girl reported that she was grabbed by a male, about 20 to 22 years of age," Pavalone said. "She said she was walking her dog in Two Rivers Trailer Court on Lantern Ridge near the fire station, when she saw a man who was leaning up against a motorcycle, which she identified as a Harley Davidson. The male commented on her dog, and at that time he attempted to grab her shoulders. The dog then barked, which caused the male to let go of her."

Pavalone provided this description of the suspect,

"He had sandy blonde hair and the start of a mustache, really skinny, about 125 pounds," she said. "He was wearing a leather jacket with a yellow shirt, blue jeans and orange and white-striped tennis shoes. She said she was very familiar with everyone in that trailer court, and she had not seen him before."

Pavalone said authorities are considering this incident to be an attempted kidnapping.

"We want people to be cautious that he is in the neighborhood, or possible near that neighborhood," she said. "Anyone with information is asked to call the Missoula County Sheriff's Office at 258-4810 or Missoula Crimestoppers at 721-44-44.

Public Information Officer Paige Pavalone