UPDATE- 3:00 a.m. Wednesday, March 22

A Mineral County Sheriff's Office dispatcher confirmed to KGVO News that the missing Mineral County woman, Debra Ann Koziel, has been found dead. No other information is available. It is not known when her body was found, or the time or cause of her death. KGVO News has asked the Mineral County Sheriff for more information when it becomes available.

The Mineral County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a missing woman in the Fish Creek area west of Missoula. Administrative Assistance to the Sheriff, Roni Phillips, has the details.

“On Friday we got a 911 call from this person saying that she wasn’t sure where she was at and we were trying to find her,” said Phillips. “Her phones went dead. We have a way that we can get ahold of the cellphone companies to ping the phone. It showed in a different area than in our county. It was actually showing Missoula County. They pinged it and it showed Highway 12.”

According to Phillips, the Sheriff’s Office received some new information on Monday and continued their search.

“On Monday we got a phone call from a resident up Fish Creek on a vehicle that they found,” Phillips said. “We ran the plate information and found out it was the lady that had called on Friday. She is about 56-years-old, 5-foot-5, weighs about 190 and has brown hair and green eyes. We are not sure what kind of clothing she had on.”

Debra Ann Koziel is still missing. Anyone with any information about where she might be is asked to call the authorities.

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