Coty James Low appeared in Missoula Justice Court on Monday afternoon on a charged of attempted kidnapping after being arrested at Northside Lions Park on Saturday.

According to court documents, the 10 year-old female victim told authorities that Low picked her up by the leg and attempted to carry her off. She screamed and kicked at the suspect before he dropped her and attempted to run away. The girl's father then physically restrained Low until law enforcement officers arrived.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Jessica Finley told Justice of the Peace Amy Blixt that Low has a criminal history that has recently been escalating into more serious offenses.

"He was convicted of sexual assault in April for reaching up a nurse's skirt and touching her genitals," Finley said. "During the same weekend as this incident in the park, it was reported that he took off his pants and exposed himself to a mission group who helps the homeless. It looks like the offenses have graduated from indecent exposure to sexual assault on an adult, and now this attempted abduction of a 10 year-old girl. For that reason, the defendant poses a significant threat to the community, so the state is asking for bail of $100,000."

Judge Blixt agreed and remanded Low back to the Missoula County Jail on $100,000 bond. His next court appearance will be July 7.


Missoula police report that a man attempted to kidnap a 10 year-old girl from a local park on Saturday night, but was foiled by the girl's parents.

Sergeant James Caton said the incident occurred at about 7:45 p.m. on Saturday.

"The Missoula Police Department responded to the area of 520 North California Street for a report of an adult male who had picked up and tried to carry off a 10 year-old female," Caton said. "Parents of the 10 year-old female were able to detain the male suspect until police arrived."

The incident occurred at the Downtown Lions Park near West Broadway and California Street. Caton said the suspect was taken into custody by police.

"The 34 year-old male suspect was interviewed by the Missoula police department and is currently being held on a charge of attempted kidnapping," he said. "The investigation into the incident is still ongoing."

The suspect has been identified through the Missoula County Jail roster as Cody James Low. He has been charged with attempted kidnapping, and his initial bail was set at $75,000. Low will appear in Missoula Justice Court via video from the jail on Monday afternoon.

Sergeant James Caton