The Missoula County Sheriff's Department is investigating a series of home invasions and burglaries that occurred either Mother's Day night, May 12, or early May 13, in the 9000 block of Highway 10 East near Turah.

"We had an attempted home burglary the other day," said public information officer Paige Pavalone. "The homeowner and his wife were getting ready to go to bed and the wife heard some scuffling in the driveway, as if somebody was walking through the gravel. When the husband went out into the kitchen to investigate, there was a person trying to break into the kitchen window by prying the screen off. He chased the perpetrator, but the perpetrator was able to get away."

Now, three more homeowners in the area have come forward saying items in their homes were stolen as well.

"When the neighborhood was made privy to what had happened, we got more reports of more burglaries; all home burglaries," Pavalone said. "These people were at home or at work when the situation happened. They had gone through unlocked doors and stolen purses, a laptop, items such as a camera and other electronics."

Sheriff's deputies are asking for help in developing leads for this case. Because the home invasions occurred at night, the homeowner that witnessed the crime on Mother's Day was only able to describe the assailant as a man dressed in black,  who escaped on foot.

Anyone with information on these crimes is advised to call Crimestoppers at 721-4444.