The case of a Hamilton man charged with raping five teenage girls is over after a jury found 45-year-old Brad Daffin guilty on sex abuse charges.

Ravalli County Attorney Bill Fullbright said Daffin was found guilty on 16 of 17 felony counts Friday morning.

"After experiencing sexual abuse at the defendant's hands in the summer of 2013, she disclosed in early 2014 to her school counselor. It just boiled over inside of her," Fullbright said. "That disclosure led to a second similar-aged peer and when we charged Mr. Daffin, he was arrested on those charges. It hit the newspaper and caused some other information to come forward."

Daffin was arrested in January 2014 after two girls reported that he allegedly forced them to have sex with him over a one-year period. The girls had been 13 and 14 years old at the time.

Three more girls between the ages of 12 and 15 came forward with accusations against Daffin after they alleged he had given them drugs in exchange for sex.

Fullbright said further investigation led from one lead to the next until even more victims were uncovered—reaching as far back as two decades.

"We found out because of other people," Fullbright said. "This sort of thing, across the board, very universal, is an expression of relief from them. It's no longer buried or no longer had to be kept a secret. One lady, who is 34-years-old now, actually sought out the 13-year-old. She had a very emotional meeting with her and just told her she only had the courage to speak out now because of what this 13-year-old girl did."

In court Thursday, Daffin denied having sexual contact with any of the girls.

Daffin was immediately taken into custody. He faces a maximum sentence of 16 life terms or 1,600 years in prison. Sentencing is set for September.

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