A divisive election is over, but there are still some stains. Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says some of the reactions here in Missoula were criminal.

"We had reports this morning of some election-based graffiti that was found on the Madison Street Bridge, it was basically foul language graffiti targeting one of the candidates: Donald Trump,"  Welsh said.

Black spray paint urged people to "Deport the Donald" amoung other phrases. Welsh says the act was an act of criminal mischief that doesn't happen that frequently in Missoula.

"There's always people that, for one reason or another, aren't happy with election results," Welsh said. "It's not often that it results in criminal activity, but in this case it has. To this point, no one has claimed responsibility for the graffiti, we've had no citizen's tips as to who might be involved,and the Parks Department is in the process of cleaning it up."

Welsh said there were no leads in the investigation, and asked the public to report any information they may have about the case to police.

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