Petroleum analyst Patrick Dehaan says Montana bucks a national trend when it comes to the best and worst days of the week to buy gas.

"What we found out is that in most areas the beginning of the week tends to be the cheapest, that's Sunday and Monday in most area," DeHaan said. "The weekend is generally the most expensive, but of course in Montana things are a little different and it is the opposite. The most expensive day is actually Monday and the cheapest day is Saturday."

DeHaan, who monitors station prices for gas, says he doesn’t have an explanation for why Montana’s prices are usually lower on Saturday. He also says the highest price of the year should be here soon.

"I think that may come in the next couple of weeks," DeHaan said. "Montana is now averaging $2.70 a gallon. That price is up about 13 cents a gallon over the past month. I suspect that we have a couple more weeks to go. Over the last eight years, the average date that prices have peaked is right around May 10th."

Though May Tenth is the average date for the highest price in Montana, that date varies from year to year, ranging from as early as April to as late as June.

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