Seriously, if we were on a road trip with Air France, we’d be pretty miffed — these pretzels are dry, and you said you’d cover the gas!

Recently, passengers found themselves being asked by the airline if they had any money to spare, because they were looking a little cash poor and needed fuel to get out of Syria, where there is currently a civil war, and into Beirut, where they were supposed to land in the first place.

Because of security concerns in Beirut, Air France Flight 562 found itself diverted to Damascus, where payments for fuel can only be made in cash. During their two-hour layover there, passengers were asked for gas money, because unexpectedly finding yourself in Syria isn’t bad enough already.

The airline ended up being able to cover the cost of fuel on their own, and everyone made it to Beirut after an overnight stay in Cyprus (BO-RING!). Still, this is something to think about the next time you want to throw a tantrum because Frontier Airlines promised you a warm cookie and THERE’S NO WARM COOKIE. It could be worse.

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