Attorney General candidate Kimberly Dudik appeared on Talk Back on Wednesday to speak about the upcoming legislative session and her recently announced candidacy for the office of Attorney General.

Dudik, a long time Democrat legislator, spoke of her support in the 2017 session for reforming the state’s criminal justice system.

“We focused on reform,” she said. “These were bipartisan groups and we got a lot of important work done. One important accomplishment dealt with redefining ‘consent’ for sexual assault cases. We had some conflicting or ambiguous definitions in our state, so we changed those to be more along the lines of the military definition of consent.”

Dudik was asked if she would support current Attorney General Tim Fox’s effort to nullify Missoula’s controversial gun registration ordinance, or if she would take a different track.

“I would probably take my own track,” said Dudik. “It doesn’t appear that he’s right to oppose what the city is doing. I think we have to let our localities do what they want. What might work in Missoula might not work in Bozeman or Roundup, and it’s really easy to start picking and choosing what local ordinances we want to enforce or oppose. I think that comes down to politicizing the office and going after certain agendas and I don’t think that’s what this office is for, but to make sure our state is safe, and I don’t believe it should be politicized in that manner.”

A Facebook listener asked her if she had been ‘graded’ by the National Rifle Association (NRA), and Dudik replied that even though she is a lifetime gun owner and supports gun rights, that because she is a Democrat, ‘that probably would give me an ‘F’ according to the NRA’.

Dudik made the commitment that if elected as Attorney General, she would continue visiting KGVO on a regular basis to speak with listeners, as current Attorney General Tim Fox has during his two terms.

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