On Sunday, the National Weather Service reported over 800 lightning strikes in the western Montana area, with 125 strikes in the Missoula and Bitterroot area alone. 

Meteorologist Jen Kitzmiller said on Monday, the weather service has issued a statement that more strong thunderstorms are headed this way.

"We are looking at another afternoon and evening of thunderstorms, especially up around northwest Montana, generally north of Missoula," Kitzmiller said. "It looks like the first line of storms will head this way at about 4 p.m. and mostly like, the area to see the strongest thunderstorms will be up towards Kalispell, Glacier National Park, Eureka and those areas."

Kitzmiller said these storms could produce damaging results.

"These thunderstorms are capable of very heavy rains, possibly half-an-inch or more in 30 minutes," she said. "If you're under one of the stronger storms, we're also worried about hail, and in isolated areas it could be up to one inch in diameter, and lightning will also be a feature in these storms."

Kitzmiller said Missoula has a minor chance of being in the path of these storms, but further south in the Bitterroot, there should be very little effect.