After the deadly shootings in Oregon on Friday, in which nine students were killed and nine others were wounded, the question to University of Montana Police Chief Marty Ludemann is, how safe are students on the Missoula campus?

"We have 15 full-time officers and we're on the campus 24 hours a day and seven days a week, just like any other police force," Ludemann said. "We're a certified police department just like the Missoula police and sheriff's departments.We talk quite a bit about safety, we have our emergency response plan with timely warnings and emergency warnings that we put out by email, telephone and our web page to notify the students of any danger."

Ludemann said his officers also receive special training to guard against just such an attack as occurred in Oregon.

"We've been engaged in active shooter training for about the last two years," he said. "We do that in campus and in School District One where we've done some training there along with the city police and county sheriff's departments."

Ludemann said he has no opinion one way or another as to whether students should be allowed to have concealed carry permits.

"That's a decision the administration and the Board of Regents has to make," he said.

Current policy forbids anyone except uniformed officers from carrying firearms on a Montana campus.