Accused killer Kevin Lino has been returned to Missoula to face charges of deliberate homicide in the death of a transient whose body was recovered from the Clark Fork River.

Public Information Officer with the Missoula County Sheriff's Office Paige Pavalone said Lino was transported back to Missoula from Shreveport, Louisiana, where he was apprehended after fleeing from Missoula.

Lino fought extradition, and a governor's warrant was obtained to force his return. Pavalone said Lino had left Shreveport last Sunday, and that it took over a week to transport him back to Missoula.

Lino is facing charges of deliberate homicide for killing 32 year-old Gilbert Barry. Lino allegedly carved gang symbols into Barry’s skin, urinated on him, then shot him in the head under the Reserve Street Bridge. He then allegedly dumped Barry’s body into the Clark Fork River, where it was found several days later by a fisherman.

Kenneth Hickman and Mechailiah Tembrueull, both 21, were both allegedly involved in Barry's death.

Hickman was charged with aggravated assault, while Tembrueull was charged with accountability for aggravated assault.

Lino's companion, Angela M. Marchese is still in Shreveport facing other charges.

Lino will appear via video from the Missoula County Jail on Thursday afternoon.