27 year-old Kevin Lino, the man accused of torturing, mutilating and shooting a homeless man to death in July, has refused to waive extradition yet again from Louisiana. 

Missoula Sheriff's Department Detective Lieutenant Scott Newell said on Friday morning, that Lino informed officials of his intentions before he could even be transported to a court hearing.

"He was going to go to a hearing this morning, but they talked to him and he said no, he was not going to waive extradition, so they did not even have that second hearing today," Newell said. "So, we are now in the process of obtaining a governor's warrant to have him returned to Missoula, and that takes anywhere from four to six weeks, according to our warrants office."

Newell said Lino would not be returning to Missoula anytime soon.

"As it stands right now, Lino is scheduled for another hearing sometime in October, but I have not yet been advised of that date," he said.

Lino is facing charges of deliberate homicide for killing 32 year-old Gilbert Barry. Lino allegedly carved gang symbols into Barry's skin, urinated on him, then shot him in the head under the Reserve Street Bridge. He then allegedly dumped Barry's body into the Clark Fork River, where it was found several days later by a fisherman.

Sheriff's Detective Lt. Scott Newell