Just in time for Labor Day…A new study shows Montana ranked number one in the nation for the highest percentage of older workers and also its share of educated workers. AARP State Director Tim Summers said the expertise of 50-plus offers a tremendous asset to employers.

"It just shows that Montana's vibrant economy is due in part to its remarkably talented tool of experience and highly motivated workers who are age 50 and older," Summers said. "It shows primarly that we do have the oldest workers in the nation, but it also shows that we also have among the highest educated workers as well."

Summers said 92.8 percent of adults 25 years and older in Montana are college educated entering the workforce.

"It shows that a savvy employer goes after experience and reliability that is found in 50-plus," Summers said. "It encourages employers throughout the state that it is a smart move to hire persons 50-plus because they simply have the experience. It's that old saying: 'There is simply no substitute for experience.'"

The report concludes “An engaged older workforce can influence and enhance organizational productivity and generate improved business outcomes.”

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