After allegedly jamming a gun to a woman's head, slapping and strangling her, 27 year-old Tyrell Belgarde is also accused of threatening to kill her and her family.

Belgarde appeared via video from the Missoula County Jail before substitute Justice of the Peace Ryan Phelan. Deputy Missoula County Attorney Mark Handelman asked for $75,000 bail.

"The defendant is appearing on charges of assault with a weapon, unlawful restraint, partner or family member assault, and violation of a no-contact order," Handelman began. "The defendant jammed a gun into the victim's forehead leaving a bruise and a welt. He prevented her from leaving by holding her down and repeatedly telling her she wasn't going to leave. He repeatedly assaulted her by slapping, punching and strangling her over a period of several hours."

Belgarde also allegedly violated a no contact order with the victim.

"After the no contact order was read, the defendant called the victim from the jail, and during that call he told the victim that he was going to kill her and her family," he said. "This incident was alcohol fueled as deputies reported the defendant was carrying a fifth of vodka and was quite intoxicated. The state also has information that he has absconded before, and may have connections in Canada."

Judge Phelan set bail at $75,000, and ordered Belgarde to have absolutely no contact with the victim.

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