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We got snow in September this year, guys. That's a real thing that happened. And maybe it was just a dusting, but it was probably a sign that we're in for a pretty intense winter. If you're not prepared for it, you could be in for trouble. Here are five things you should stock up on to get ready for the snowy months in Montana.

1. Snow Shovel

Sounds obvious, until the snow hits and you realize you don't have one. Get a good snow shovel because you do not want to be walking through three feet of snow in your driveway.


2. Snow Thrower

Or, if the shovel isn't enough for you, you may need something like this, which will make quick work of that snow so you can get back inside and back to binge-watching something on Netflix.


3. Snow Guard

Maybe the worst thing about winter is having to clear off your car after a snowstorm - this'll help protect your car from the snow and make it easier to get it all off when you need to.


4. Winter Boots

Every year, I am a dumb person and don't have winter boots when the snow hits. Don't be like me! Buy some boots! Be the envy of dummies like me who have to walk through the wet snow that soaks through our shoes.


5. Portable Heater

If the cold has got you down, just bring the heat wherever you go. Get a portable heater and always have warmth whether you're at home, school, or work.