Today is going to be one of the hottest days of the summer, expecting highs near 96 degrees. It goes without saying, stay hydrated, plus keep an eye on your pets and elderly neighbors. Although if you think you have it bad trying to beat the heat, you need to see this list. Here are the top 5 Missoula jobs that are terrible out in the heat.


  • Photo courtesy of Dmitry Kalinovsky

    Construction/ Flagger

    All day long out in the heat, dealing with people that don't want to wait. Ugh!
  • Photo courtesy of Comstock

    Mail Carrier

    Lots of Mail Carriers have cars, but some still walk house to house. That would get tough after the first block in this heat!
  • Photo courtesy of Ju-Lee


    This could have easily been number one, with no shade this could easily be the worst!
  • Photo courtesy of Arnel Manalang

    Sign Holder

    All day standing in the same location, just frying out in the sun. Sounds painful!
  • Photo courtesy of Lisa F. Young

    Air Conditioner Repair Worker

    Fixing other peoples AC while you're buring up. Ouch!