The Missoula Economic Partnership is searching for a new executive Director after the release of the 2018 Competitive Realities and Target Industry Strategy study by Garner Economics. That report suggested Missoula change its target industry strategy to “focus on the experiential economy” and to “renew focus on workforce development, critical infrastructure and Real Estate.” Missoula Economic Partnership Board Chair Scott Burke explains the skills they are looking for.

"What we are really looking for is an individual to lead a team," Burke said. "The team is our community. It is members of our community and investors that invest in this organization. We need somebody that can work together in the community, be a leader, be a visionary, and be somebody that can collaborate well."

Burke says they are trying to hire someone close to Missoula if at all possible.

"Rather than going out on a national scale, which I am sure there will be some avenues that touch on the national scale, we are looking for somebody that understands what Montana is about and what Missoula is about," Burke said. 'We kept it a little bit more focused on a regional search."

The search committee is taking applications for only a short time as the search window will close on August 10. When asked how much the position would pay, Burke said that he would rather not say until negotiations for the position were further along.



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