The City of Missoula wants to remind the public that the use of most fireworks is illegal, and authorities are asking for the public’s cooperation to keep the city safe during the 4th of July season.

Fire Inspector for the City of Missoula Jamie Porter explains the ordinance.

“There are no fireworks allowed in the city limits,” said Porter. “There are some exceptions like novelty items, poppers, sparklers and the little snakes. The city does help to promote public fireworks shows, such as at the Missoula Osprey Stadium on July 3 and the 4th of July fireworks at Southgate Mall.”

Porter says to remember that the first part of the word fireworks is fire.

“It is an ignition device,” she said. “When we look at weather changes and things start drying up, people can’t control what they’re shooting into the air. So, if it lands in someone else’s property or in some other location such as say, a fuel station or somewhere near flammable fuels. Whenever you put a fuel source next to an ignition source, it becomes a problem. Sure, fireworks are fun and they can be entertaining and pretty, they are still an ignition source and when they land they can cause fires.”

Porter also reminds the public that whoever shoots off fireworks that cause a fire can be held financially liable for the damage to property as well as personal injury to others.

As for Missoula County, their website states that fireworks are illegal at County parks and recreation areas. For state and federal lands, fireworks are illegal, as well.

To report a violation, call the Fireworks Report Line at 258-4850, and officers will respond to as many complaints as possible over the 4th of July holiday.

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