The 49th annual YMCA Riverbank Run is scheduled for Saturday, April 24, and there are two options for runners and walkers in 2021, virtual and in-person.

Race Director Keri McHugh provided details to KGVO News.

“This year, we are fortunate enough that we are going to be offering a virtual and an in person Riverbank Run option,” said McHugh. “People can either pick between doing the 10k, the 5k, the one mile, or if you're really looking for a challenge, you can run all three of those events in the Trifecta for one combined time.”

McHugh said due to the Higgins Bridge construction in downtown Missoula, the location and race course have been changed.

“This year, we know that Missoula downtown is right in the middle of their bridge project, and we also know this year we need a little bit more space for physical distancing,” she said. “So for a year number 49, which is this year, we're going to actually move the race to the YMCA. It will be held on the trails and the neighborhoods right out back behind the Y.”

McHugh said for social distancing, groups of runners will be separated with staggered start times.

“We're limiting heats and corrals to 100 people that will be physically distanced with cones throughout the start of the race, so we'll kind of spread that start line down the whole trail behind the ‘Y’,” she said. “We will send off heats or corrals every five to 10 minutes and you'll just kind of go from there.”

McHugh said race organizers are waiting to see how many entrants there will be this year before any final decisions will be made.

“We're kind of waiting to see how many people sign up, and then we through the registration site, you’ll get another email that will give you your assigned time,” she said. “It'll still be really close to the normal time,” she said. “For the 5k, that should still be starting at around 10:30 a.m., but you might have a 10:40 a.m. start time. “You will receive that information probably a week prior to the race to know your exact start time and your heat or corral.”

McHugh said the race course will be clearly marked with cones and ribbon to help keep runners socially distanced.

Participants must be masked until they begin running, and then masks can be removed.

Those who wish to race virtually must submit their times by April 24.


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