Montana University System students can face severe for penalties for cheating in their classes. This week news came out about a cheating ring at Montana Tech in Butte. Montana Deputy Commissioner of Higher Education Kevin McRae confirms that a handful of students were expelled.

"I hope all the listeners are sitting down," said McRae. "I have to divulge something. For as long as there have been schools and as long as there have been teachers there have been fortunately a small number of students who don't follow the rules and try to cheat."

McRae says students are expelled from Montana schools every year for similar violations, but that these stories often don’t get reported by the University System. In this case, The Montana Standard Newspaper found emails about the expulsions.

"It is a fact that 15 students this summer were caught cheating by faculty and they were subjected to Montana Tech's regular academic review committee process and investigation process," McRae said. "They were found to have committed the violation of academic dishonesty."

Academic Dishonesty is a violation that all students should be aware of, it is clearly outlined in the student handbook that students receive in their Freshman year.

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