‘Oh, I’m so drunk,’ said 47 year-old Tina Rutz, according to court documents, as she was taking a field sobriety test on Friday, May 25 near the intersection of Highway 10 West and Highway 93 North.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Caitlin Williams asked Judge Marie Andersen for $10,000 bail to hold Rutz, who was charged with felony Criminal Endangerment for driving the wrong way and nearly colliding with several vehicles who had to swerve to avoid her.

“As the court just read in the complaint, this defendant was operating her motor vehicle on the wrong side of the road nearly causing a head-on collision,” said Williams. “The defendant was also seen swerving in her own lane and nearly missing a guardrail,” said Williams. “Further, the defendant admitted to law enforcement that she was inebriated while she was operating her motor vehicle. If she was to be released on bail the State would request standard conditions that would include alcohol monitoring and no access to alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants.”

Rutz was also charged with her first offense DUI and driving while her license was suspended or revoked.

Judge Andersen set bail at Rutz at $10,000 and required her to appear again on June 14

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