The University of Montana’s Wildlife Biology Program is cheering after Academic Analytics ranked the program as the best in both the United States and Canada.

"This particular ranking is based on faculty productivity," UM Wildlife Biology Director Chad Bishop explains. "So that means how many publications the faculty is putting out, the number of times publications are cited. It's also based on the amount of grant dollars that they are receiving to support their research and based on any national awards they receive."

The University of Montana's Wildlife Biology Program increased its ranking from second best to best this year. Bishop says the ranking will help bring more students to campus.

"One of the neat things here is that we attract students from all across the country," Bishop said. "As it is so two-thirds of our students in Wildlife Biology here, are from out-of-state . We have built a really strong program and they are aware of that and at the same time if your student wants to study wildlife Montana is a pretty cool place to come to."

According to Bishop this is the first time the program has received the top ranking from a distinguished organization and is excited about the opportunities it could provide for students.