Here's your Talk Back schedule for the week...

On Monday, we'll have open phones right after Health Talk. This week's Health Talk will focus on vehicle safety with Occupational Therapist Becca Robertson.

On Tuesday we will speak with some University of Montana filmmakers on the new documentary "Aging Out: Autism in Montana." One of those filmmakers just happens to be KGVO's own Sarah Yovetich.

On Wednesday, we will speak with the Montana World Affairs Council and an emissary from the British embassy, namely Mark Kent, the Head of Trade and Agriculture Team.

On Thursday, we will spend the first half hour discussing the upcoming Memorial Day services with Susan Campbell Reneau for the first half hour, After that, we will speak with an advocate for the Kurdish people.

On Friday, Peter will speak with a group called "Saved by the Belt" who will tell a harrowing tale of one man's near death experience in a car crash and the seat belt that saved his life.