It's the beginning of February and that means we will be kicking off Talk Back in grand style with some of our most popular guests. Here's a look at who we'll be inviting into the Talk Back courtroom. Hear what they have to say and judge for yourself.

On Monday we will start off the week with some open phones. Tell us what you thought of the Super Bowl, Missoula's offer to mountain water, or whatever else is on your mind. Anything is fair game.

On Tuesday we will speak with Constitutional scholar Rob Natelson. I know for sure that Rob will be speaking about the constitutional limits on recess appointments by the president as one of Rob's articles on this issue was just picked up by the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy. Of course, we will also take your calls on any constitutional question too.

On Wednesday, our favorite tax guru and CPA Walt Kero will be with us to answer all of your taxing tax questions.

On Thursday we will speak with Missoula Mayor John Engen. If you have questions about how Missoula is being run, or what to expect in the future, give us a call and we'll put you through to the mayor.

On Friday, we will close out the week, as usual, with another round of open phones. Can't wait to hear from you!