It's only mid-April, but it feels like summer outside. We'll keep that good vibe rolling with some excellent discussion on Talk Back this week. Here's what to expect:

During Monday's edition of Health Talk, we will speak with Sheryl Alexander about atrial fibrillation. Then at 9, we will discuss yet another presidential candidate (who believes he is a time traveler) and a Bigfoot story from the Bitterroot Valley originally told by President Theodore Roosevelt and retold on Talk Back by local author Greg Sandberg.

On Tuesday, we will have a mix of open phones and special guests. At 9, we will speak with Patrick McLaughlin about a recent study by the Mercatus Institute about the impact of the federal government regulations on states (surprise, Montana made the top 10 most impacted).

On Wednesday, we will speak with Missoula CPA Walt Kero about taxes. It should be a hot show as there are only a few days left until taxes are due on April 18.

On Thursday, Montana gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte will swing by the studio to discuss the race, we will also have some open phones.

Finally, on Friday, we will close out the week with more open phones chaos.