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Lessons From The Occupy a Toilet Movement
The Chinese government is dealing with an occupy movement very different from the similarly named protest in the United States. Women around the world have complained about long waits for the restroom, but Li Tingting is doing something about it. Tingting leads a group that brings attention to long …
Conspiracy Day! What Happened to KGVO? [Poll/Contest]
OK everybody, we want to hear the best conspiracy theory you can come up with as to why KGVO is off the air. While sneaking around the studios I came across a bunch of tickets for the upcoming Kansas concert in Missoula and I'll send a pair of them to the creator of the most entertaining consp…
Talk Back: The Week Ahead
Here's a look at what who we'll be talking with this week. Now you can plan your calendars and get your questions written before we get our guests on the air.

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