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(Video) Gaming the Republic
I love video games, probably more than most people and yet I have a very hard time asking the people of the United States to pony up their tax dollars to promote games. Since September, Constance Steinkuehler has been working with the Obama administration as a policy analyst. Her job is to formulate…
The Bizarre Czar Bazaar
I made a mistake on the air yesterday that I would like to clarify. Obama did not appoint Jack Thompson as his video game czar. I was bamboozled by a source referring to a satirical article. I admit to falling for it and though I do feel pretty stupid for not checking into things deeper at the start…
Montana’s Florida Primary [Poll]
This is your chance to tell Floridians what to think. If the polls are any indicator, Mitt Romney will win in Florida today. Is that what should happen, or is there someone else who deserves the nod and the delegates Florida has to offer? Vote away!
Talk Back’s Weekly Schedule
Here's a look at what's on the line for Talk Back this week.

Monday: Open phones and the return of Peter(for a little bit).

Tuesday: Greg Jackson will promote Newt Gingrich and talk about the religious right in politics.

Wednesday: We'll have Gubernatorial candidate Rick Hill on th…
The State of the Union: Three Tactics for the Coming Campaign
I just finished watching the State of the Union Speech and thought I would write a bit about what I heard. Obama employed three tactics in tonight's speech that I think he will continue to press as the campaign moves forward. First of all, he is beginning to try to appeal to the right in an eff…
The Talk Back Weekly Line-up
We have had requests to publicize the upcoming guests/topics we will have on the show. So here you go Talk Back listeners, a look at the week ahead.
Should Mitt Romney Choose Rand Paul for VP? [Poll]
After winning Iowa and New Hampshire it is almost certain that Mitt Romney will be the Republican candidate. If that is the case, who do you think should run with him? I think that from a strategic standpoint selecting Rand Paul might be a great option...
Should the United States End Foreign Aid? [POLL]
During today's Talk Back program, we discussed in depth the issue of foreign aid. Our guest, Shadman Bashir, a lawyer from Blackfoot, ID originally from Pakistan, spoke a bit about how some Pakistani leaders skim from aid provided by other countries...

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