Parenting 101
I remember as a child thinking that my parents knew everything. They always seemed to have the answers. Before I was a teenager, I looked up to them in awe of all that they knew. They were my heroes.
Does Drinking Make You a Better Parent?
It seems that parents in Great Britain have a bit of a drinking problem. Almost one-fifth of parents there think that alcohol helps them be a better parent. I think, perhaps these parents drink too much and they don’t realize what kind of parent they are because of their drinking....
10 Ways to Give Your Kids a Boost By Helping Them Study Better
When your kids go back to school, it’s almost like you go back to school, too. Teachers and childhood development professionals agree that when a child’s parents are involved in his education, he learns more and gets better grades. That means, you have just as big a responsibility in his…
Can Spanking Your Children Lead to Mental Illness?
While some parents prefer the use of non-violent disciplinary actions against their mischievous children, others take no shame in dishing out some good old-fashioned corporal punishment as a means of teaching little junior some of the lessons of life.

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