It seems that parents in Great Britain have a bit of a drinking problem. Almost one-fifth of parents there think that alcohol helps them be a better parent. I think, perhaps these parents drink too much and they don’t realize what kind of parent they are because of their drinking.

  • To me, these parents saying drinking makes their parenting better is like the drunk twenty-something with two left feet thinking that drinking makes him or her a terrific dancer. It could also be likened to how certain people think that drunk driving actually makes them a better driver.

  • Have the people in Great Britain never heard Brad Paisley’s song “Alcohol,” or for that matter, almost any country song? Drinking makes people, even parents, do stupid things and think stupid things.

  • Great Britain, do you really thinking drinking makes you a better parent? Seriously? What’s next? Canada thinking that Canadian bacon is ham? Not likely. America calling soccer, football? Never.