Milk Wholesaler Takes on Montana Over Sell-By Rule
HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Montana is being challenged in court by a milk wholesaler that doesn't like the state's new sell-by rules.
Lee Newspapers of Montana reports California-based Core-Mark International Inc. has asked the state District Court in Helena to strike down the Board of Live…
FDA Announces First Ever at Home HIV Test
In the never-ending war against the spread of the HIV virus that can lead to AIDS, the Food and Drug Administration announced Tuesday that it has approved the first-ever a self-administered HIV testing kit that produces results without the use of a laboratory.
Can Sunscreen Be Considered a Drug?
Last week, a mom in Tacoma, WA. went public after her fair-skinned young daughters came home from an all-day field trip badly sunburned because teachers weren’t allowed to provide them with sunscreen.
Now the policies that led to the incident are being re-examined.
Water Safety Tips
Summer is here and that means everyone is going to be hitting the water, whether it be a lake, pond, stream or river. With all the great places Missoula has to keep you cool this summer, you want to make sure you have fun, but also stay safe

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