Governor Brian Schweitzer

Social Programs Harmed In This Legislative Session
A budget proposal has been sent to Governor Brian Schweitzer that refuses more than $100 million in federal funding. Those cuts would drastically reduce social services heavily relied upon by Montana’s most vulnerable. Governor Schweitzer says the bill is unacceptable in its present form...
Governor Schweitzer’s Problem With The Budget Bill
Governor Brian Schweitzer met with Senate president Jim Peterson, and House Speaker Mike Milburn, a day after he received the Republican Majority's budget bill. Peterson is pleased with the budget the legislature has passed. Schweitzer has said he is likely to either veto the bill, or rewrite i…
Buffalo Bill Vetoed
The Governor has vetoed legislation requiring the state to get county approval before transplanting or relocating wild buffalo or bison.
Voter Registration Legislation Vetoed
The Governor has vetoed legislation Wednesday that would have ended Montana’s practice of allowing voter registration on Election Day. House bill 180 would have closed late voter registration the Friday before any election.
Governor Undecided On Medical Cannabis Bills On His Desk
Several bills that would change the medical marijuana act in Montana are either sitting on Governor Brian Schweitzer's desk, or moving toward it. One of them is a repeal bill, and others try to regulate the industry. He can sign any of them, veto them outright, or send an amendatory veto back t…
Governors’ Encouragement Falls On Deaf Ears
The Montana Senate has voted down Governor Brian Schweitzer’s proposed amendment to a bill challenging Federal Health Care. The bill would require the Montana Attorney General to join a Florida lawsuit, challenging the constitutionality of Health Care Reform...
Solving Brucellosis
Governor Brian Schweitzer says the idea he presented to new Yellowstone park superintendent Daniel Wenk is by no stretch of the imagination new.
House Speaker Says So What
Governor Brian Schweitzer signed house bill one on Monday, but not without some objections. After signing what's known as the feed bill, funding the current legislative session for about eight million dollars. The governor sent a message to the leaders of the two Montana legislative chambers, Senate…