FWP Ends Search For Black Bear That Mauled Woman in Her Home
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks had been searching for a black bear near Kalispell that mauled 85-year-old Barbara Paschke in her home on September 28: an attack that led to her death a few days later, but today, FWP Public Information Officer John Fraley says they have decided to suspend the searc…
Bear Puts Hamilton Middle School in Lock Down
Hamilton Middle School went into lock down mode this morning, October 7, because of a bear.
According to FWP Wildlife Management Specialist Jamie Jonkle, the incident is due to a bear cub that climbed an apple tree near the school.
Children were not allowed outside for recess and were escorted from bu…
Bears, Mountain Lions Spotted on Missoula’s First Day of School
Today, August 26th, was the first day of school for most Missoula kids and according to Missoula County School District One Communication Director Hatton Littman, the day was pretty normal. Except for all the lion and bear reports.
"We have had reports starting on Monday of this week and continu…
Nuisance Bear Dies After Climbing Up Missoula Tree
Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks officials say a problem black bear met its demise in a Missoula neighborhood after falling out of a tree on Saturday.
The bear was reported Saturday morning to be wandering near a house in the 3000 block of Mount Ave, west of Reserve Street...

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