Missoula Police received a report Tuesday morning that as a 10 year-old girl was walking to the Rattlesnake Elementary School, an unidentified man offered her a ride. She ignored him and kept walking. It was exactly the right thing to do.

Detective Sergeant Travis Welsh says the incident occurred on Rattlesnake Drive near Creek Crossing at 7:55 Tuesday morning. when a male in an older model green sedan slowed and asked her if she wanted a ride to school. The girl did not answer and the male continued on his way; southbound on Rattlesnake Dr.

Welsh says the male was described as being in his “50’s” with shoulder length grey hair. Officers responded to the area but the vehicle was not located. There is no obvious indication that malice was intended, however parents are reminded to speak to their children about what to do when approached by strangers.

Detective Sergeant Travis Welsh

Rattlesnake School principal Jerry Seidensticker says teachers and parents are encouraged to communicate to children the danger of talking to strangers, and that the 5th grade student did exactly the right thing in reporting the incident to her teacher. He sent an email message to all school families saying no crime was committed, however it was a teaching moment to drive home the point of not talking to strangers.

Rattlesnake School principal Jerry Seidensticker