photo by Brooke Andrus

The University of Montana and all of Missoula have been consumed over the past year with sexual assault investigations, police inquires, court cases and even a mandatory campus sexual assault awareness tutorial.

The University of Montana and the Missoula police department are also sponsoring a series of sexual assault awareness seminars on campus this fall.

University of Montana relations officer Casey Gunter says there are four seminars per session, to be held in the evenings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays starting October 2nd and continuing through November 14th. The classes will be held in the Gallagher Business building on the UM Campus, and all women are welcome, whether they are University students or not.

Gunter says each seminar will contain at least one physical self-defense tip, with the final seminar dedicated to self defense.

The seminars are free of charge.